The NAC is responsible for executing initiatives approved by the Provincial/Territorial Ministries of Health (except Québec) and Canadian Blood Services. To this end, NAC:

  1. Provide advice on matters pertaining to the blood supply, including the implementation of new blood components and products in the CBS formulary and those directly affecting the practice of transfusion medicine in hospitals;
  2. Develop and provide information about blood and blood product utilization, and utilization management efforts;
  3. Develop and/or endorse guidelines and recommendations for blood component and blood product use;
  4. Identify opportunities for optimization of transfusion medicine practices and processes including safety and appropriateness in the blood system;
  5. Provide leadership on a jurisdictional level in the identification, design, and implementation of blood utilization management initiatives for the optimization of patient care; and
  6. Provide input into the CBS Request for Proposals and introduction of new products/treatments into the CBS formulary.

Who We Are

NAC is made up of voting members and non-voting members appointed by Provincial and Territorial Ministries of Health and Canadian Blood Services.
Dr. Andrew Shih
Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
Hamilton, Ontario